Hypocrisy…our Mom detested it.

Our Mom stood by her word, her ethics and by her loyalty to all those she loved dearly – she was fiercely loyal and loving to our Dad throughout their 26 years together and to us, her children for our 20 years. The one thing, more than anything she absolutely detested was hypocrisy – she couldn’t stand folk ‘showing up at the nth hour’ so to speak…she would always say, “if you can’t be bothered with me then don’t show up when it looks good just to make an appearance or when it’s convenient – or because it’s self-serving”…we knew and still know a few sad folk like this…even now there are still those ‘folk’ that act like they’ve known her well…like they knew her throughout her amazing marriage with our Dad, through raising us, and through her growth as an amazing independent and strong religious woman who chose her path definitively without doubts…and yet ‘these folk’ have not spoken to, or have had any involvement at all in ANY aspect of Mama’s life, our Dad’s, our family’s or otherwise for LITERALLY 26 years – and yet feign this ‘am so sad and so shocked and deeply grieving’ – We don’t begrudge anyone expressing their sympathy, but to act and write like they were ‘close and tight-knit’… yes, grief and loss are very individual and grief is a journey…trust us, sadly we know all too well how hard it is… just look at our Dad and how much he misses Mama…but seriously if you haven’t seen or heard from someone in over 25 years…come on…the hypocrisy… these are Mama’s least favourite people…she loathed this type….that is fact…she even wrote a song about it (called Hypocrisy which is on her album together with our Dad (The AK/SK Project – a thunderous exchange of silence)…we also have a number of hand-written letters she wrote on this matter …we have asked our Dad to put one in the gallery so you can see first hand…it’s clear and precise.

Mama’s life and memory are pure and it will remain that way, untainted by fake, phony and frankly deluded acts by those in their guilt or their hypocrisy.