Solveig-Angelique (née Nikischer) to Solveig Z. Keshavjee , the full story


I met Solveig in 1993…wait…it was actually earlier than that…destiny if you will…it was a chance meeting in 1991, but set in stone for what would be a magical life together through music and family. Many will extol their wives/husbands virtues, but I say this with all humility that Solveig deserves every ounce of it and more. I am not a book writer, but I do write from my heart, and in my own way, with our daughters, continue the brilliant legacy that Solveig has created though love and song.

As we have such an amazing long history together, I will post one part at a time so as to ensure I capture everything, not just for me, my family, friends, and fans of Solveig but also for my future family, like grandchildren that Solveig would love so dearly…

Solveig will be never forgotten, always remembered and eternally in our hearts.

Part 1, Our first encounter

To be able to tell the story of our beautiful journey over the past 26 years I have to go back to 2 years before I actually met Solveig formally which was 1991. At the time, I was playing in a band called ‘Visions in the Sky’, we used to play a lot around Ottawa, the surrounding areas and beyond. We performed every single weekend for a number of years and had a great reputation and band following playing originals and covers and had tons of fun touring. On the odd occasion when we had a weekend off, I would hang out with the band and my other friends at the very same places we’d play to see the other acts as all my friends were in the club/bar industry.

On one of those ‘off weekends’ I was at a club in downtown Ottawa called ‘Grand Central’ which was very popular at the time with a group of friends, and another very close friend of mine mentioned he would drop by quickly before he had to go to work to say hello.
He arrived with this extremely attractive woman and she was wearing this bandana and looked very ‘rock n’ roll’, she was absolutely gorgeous, she was so cool and had this amazing presence and aura (which never changed in 26 years…ever) and I remember thinking ‘my God, she is so beautiful’, I was really captivated by her in the most respectful way (that never changed either) but I wasn’t sure if she was his girlfriend as he didn’t introduce us and frankly she didn’t pay us any attention, and didn’t look directly at me. I remember thinking too, that a woman like that was way out of my league….she wasn’t his girlfriend by the way…

As fate would have it, when I finally did meet Solveig in 1993, she brought up that very meeting at Grand Central, and that I didn’t pay HER any attention, and how she couldn’t look directly at me as she was very attracted and that ‘how could I be interested in her?’…we both thought the same thing…but destiny has a way of bringing people together, so in 1993 we officially met at the ‘Visions in the Sky’ CD release party at ‘the Topaz’! (Part 2)