The Red Strat, ‘Solveig’s guitar’.

For those that know our band ‘Comfortably Numb’ well, know that I have always used a RED FENDER STRATOCASTOR since the beginning – what is not known is the story behind the guitar and the gift it is and continues to be for me…here is the full story.

In our early days together in the 90’s, Solveig and I would talk until late into the night, we would tell each other everything, we would discuss our past, we would discuss our dreams, desires, aspirations and more, this never changed over 26 years, we always talked about everything and listened to each other intently and with mutual love and respect.

On one of those beautiful nights back in early ’95, I told Solveig about a silly recurring dream I would have about my ‘dream guitar’. At the time I had a decent enough guitar but my ideal guitar was the Fender Stratocaster – specifically a red one like David Gilmour’s (Pink Floyd) from the ‘Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour’ with EMG pickups and special electronics – in the dream I would see that very same red US Fender Stratocaster floating at the end of my bed and it was angelic in the way it shimmered and held there floating and simply looking magical…then I would wake up and…no guitar!

On my birthday in 1995, Solveig asked my parents (I was living at home at the time), if she could sneak into my room (which was on the lower level of our home) while I slept…and what did she do? Solveig bought me for my birthday a USA Red Stratocaster with a gorgeous rosewood neck, EMG Pickups, SPC/EXG electronics and placed it on a guitar stand at the foot of my bed, and then waited upstairs for me to wake up. When I got up I saw the guitar and thought I was dreaming again…I laid back down and then realized it wasn’t a dream and just stared at it in disbelief for almost 45 minutes! Solveig was wandering what was happening 🙂 I finally picked it up and couldn’t believe how spoiled and lucky I was, simply in shock..I ran upstairs saw Solveig, and knew it was her from the beautiful smile on her face! I gave her the biggest hug and was so immensely grateful but more so how blessed I was to have Solveig in my life – not because of the guitar, but because of the amount of love, kindness, huge heart and generosity that was given by Solveig every single day..that NEVER changed ever – I felt and feel blessed daily because of Solveig. I told her that the guitar was too much, but she insisted and said it was for OUR musical future and that she wanted me to use it at all our shows and to be the best I could be – OUR red strat has been at EVERY SINGLE show, Comfortably Numb and all the others, literally thousands of shows, that we have played since 1995. Every time I have played it, whether it is now or then, I always remember that moment when I first saw the guitar and how lucky I am that Solveig chose me to love and how many beautiful moments we have shared throughout our life together.

The red strat has NEVER been touched OR played by anyone but me – not even held, aside from Solveig, and only serviced by one person, the same person who has serviced it since ’95 in Ottawa – he setup the guitar and at the time only David Gilmour and Vince Gill had this setup…and then me in Ottawa! You can get this type of setup now…but mine is original and hand built to spec.

I have been fortunate to have acquired other Stratocasters and other guitars over the years, a number of them given to me by Solveig too…yes I know….I know trust me…they are ALL special, but the ‘Red Stratocaster’ will always be THE most special of them all. So there you have it, the story of the ‘Red Strat’…Solveig’s Red Strat!

Solveig-Angelique to Solveig Z. Keshavjee, the full story (part 2)

I’ll never forget that night when I met Solveig for the first time at my band’s CD release party (well the second time…read part 1) at the Topaz Entertainment Palace (Ottawa, ON). I was literally at the other end of the venue and I saw her come in with her, at the time, music manager – a close friend of mine then had said she would be coming to the show so I knew to expect her, but I didn’t expect what followed.

When Solveig walked through the entrance I saw her right away, through everyone else, like they were all invisible, she took my breath away…dressed in a black outfit, (skirt, heels and black top), she was just gorgeous and I remember that moment like it was 2 seconds ago – she was stunning! People always talk about her hair, and yes I saw that of course, but it was her aura and her eyes and her genuine smile and heart…I melted. My female singer at the time noticed I was captivated and said ‘Azim, snap out of it man, we have a show!’.

The band had a media room and we invited Solveig and the manager to come in and chat, and then before we went on to perform they came backstage, which was downstairs below the stage area – it was a very nice venue and had a great reputation, so he environment was good. Solveig’s manager did the usual ‘business chat’ and it went on for a bit, but Solveig and I were instantly attracted to each other and wanted to just talk alone – so we traded numbers and gave each other a huge hug before I had to go perform…I’ll never forget that either.

There were no cell phones, email, text etc at that time…no, it wasn’t the dark ages 🙂 but we made plans to call each other that week. I remember as her manager was talking just looking right at Solveig and she at me, and we knew there was magic…all the conversations disappeared and we were suspended in time right there – I remember being scared too as I knew in my heart, SHE was THE ONE, and always would be…I remember thinking ‘is this possible? Can I know this quickly?’, it’s like life started right there, right at that moment, our pasts disappeared and we started new…Solveig and AzimAzim and Solveig – those that have known us over the past 26 years know what I mean when say there was only us and then our girls…part 3 to follow.

Azim and Solveig Z. Keshavjee
Azim and Solveig, always and forever.

Montreal Expo ’67

Solveig was featured in ‘The Montreal Star’ on Monday July 3, 1967. The article was in regards to Expo ’67 and an event that happened at ‘Place Des Nations’. Solveig was an extremely sweet and adorable four year old and you can see her in the middle of the four children in the picture. I have the original newspaper here in our home, but I have taken a snapshot of the article and the photo that Solveig is in for the gallery. That page of the newspaper is framed and hanging proudly here at home as it has for many, many years. Please go to the gallery to see it.


In loving memory of Solveig Z. Keshavjee
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Echoes - Solveig Keshavjee live with Comfortably Numb
‘Echoes’ – Solveig live with Comfortably Numb
‘In loving memory’

A message from Chris Houle, drummer and a member of the Comfortably Numb Family

A message from Chris Houle, drummer and a member of the Comfortably Numb Family.

Happy Mother’s Day to Solveig Zarah Keshavjee

Anyone that has known my Solveig over the past 26 years and has seen and been a part of our beautiful story knows what an incredible and phenomenal mother she IS – I say IS, because her immense and unconditional love as Mom to our two beautiful daughters will last eternally. Solveig’s influence, kindness, patience and nurturing will not only be with our daughters now, but will be with their children too when that time comes and will pass from from generation to generation ❤️ We love you and miss you every second of everyday – never forgotten, always remembered.

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