Happy Mother’s Day to Solveig Zarah Keshavjee

Anyone that has known my Solveig over the past 26 years and has seen and been a part of our beautiful story knows what an incredible and phenomenal mother she IS – I say IS, because her immense and unconditional love as Mom to our two beautiful daughters will last eternally. Solveig’s influence, kindness, patience and nurturing will not only be with our daughters now, but will be with their children too when that time comes and will pass from from generation to generation ❤️ We love you and miss you every second of everyday – never forgotten, always remembered.

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‘Zarah’ (Solveig Keshavjee)

Solveig Zarah Keshavjee's 'Z' pendant and heart pendant.
Solveig’s cherished pendant with the initial Z for Zarah and a heart pendant given with love.
Solveig Z. Keshavjee
Solveig Z. Keshavjee (Work Badge)

Solveig personally chose to add the name ‘Zarah’ legally to her full name in the 90’s based on her new faith and practice. Solveig’s full married name is ‘Solveig Zarah Angelique Maria Keshavjee’, although she went by Solveig Zarah Keshavjee. An extremely faithful and religious person, she was kind and caring to everyone, she practiced faith regularly and ensured our home kept up – she literally led us – no slacking!

Fondly remembered as Zarah to many that loved her in the community worldwide, a name she was so proud of, she always signed off as ‘Solveig Z. Keshavjee’! All her certificates, and designations that she worked so hard to achieve all are awarded to: Solveig Zarah Keshavjee OR Solveig Z. Keshavjee (please see the family gallery for pictures).

A believer in equality, fairness, and absolutely an independent free thinking woman, strong in her views and opinions and steadfast in every way, she was quite simply the strongest woman I have ever known…our daughters carry her strength and wisdom and all her characteristics…to look at our daughters is to still see Solveig right now – our daughters are a true blessing and are our legacy now and for the future.