Happy Mother’s Day Solveig Zarah Keshavjee

Everyday we remember you and miss you every moment. The values and lessons our daughters have learned from you and still learn, have made them into the amazing, strong, independent and beautiful young women that they are. To look at these two amazing individuals is to look directly at you.

I thank God everyday for the gift he gave me in our children and our life together – I too have learned to be better each day and give back to this world as you always showed us.

Mother’s Day is another opportunity for us to say how much we love you and miss you. God has you in His care and in His light and protection and we thank Him for you beautiful Solveig Zarah Keshavjee. When we look up we can feel your warmth around us, and your strength to keep us going everyday.

We love you

Solveig Zarah Keshavjee and Azim's Guitar.
Solveig Zarah Keshavjee singing, her hand gently placed close to Azim’s guitar.

Drive All Night

I remember taking Solveig as a surprise to see Bruce Springsteen live…we were both so happy. The songs all became new again and each one was like it was the first time feeling and hearing them – the night was magic and time stood still…my heart grew as I watched her lips sing each song, she was so happy and as she’d looked at me with love and squeezed my hand tighter that moment was ours and ours alone…this is my dedication to you my beautiful angel Solveig …through Bruce’s words and music to say, “I miss you and love you eternally, you’ve got my love, heart and soul”. One day we’ll dance again…beautiful Solveig.

“Drive All Night”

When I lost you honey sometimes I think I lost my guts too
And I wish God would send me a word send me something I’m afraid to lose
Lying in the heat of the night like prisoners all our lives
I get shivers down my spine and all I wanna do is hold you tight

I swear I’ll drive all night just to buy you some shoes
And to taste your tender charms
And I just wanna sleep tonight again in your arms

Tonight there’s fallen angels and they’re waiting for us down in the street
Tonight there’s calling strangers, hear them crying in defeat.
Let them go, let them go, let them go do their dances of the dead (let ’em go right ahead)
You just dry your eyes girl, and c’mon c’mon c’mon let’s go to bed, baby, baby, baby

I swear I’ll drive all night just to buy you some shoes
And to taste your tender charms
And I just wanna sleep tonight again in your arms

There’s machines and there’s fire waiting on the edge of town
They’re out there for hire but baby they can’t hurt us now
Cause you’ve got, you’ve got, you’ve got, you’ve got my love, you’ve got my love
Through the wind, through the rain, the snow, the wind, the rain
You’ve got, you’ve got my, my love heart and soul

Dedicated to Solveig Zarah Keshavjee

Happy Birthday Solveig!

There is not a single day, or moment that goes by where Solveig isn’t remembered in our hearts, in our thoughts, in our memories and in all the love that she has given us that endures eternally.

We miss you so much, and are so grateful that we were chosen to be your family – all those that knew Solveig throughout our 26 years together, know what her family meant to her…and we honor that now, by loving each other and staying by each other’s side through thick and thin.

Dear God, please grant peace eternally to, Solveig Zarah Keshavjee, who is under your care and your grace, that her soul may rest and shine above us, and that she always is proud of us. Dear God please grant peace to all those left behind, allow smiles and happiness to enter our hearts, now and always.

My beautiful Solveig, I shall hold you in my heart until I can hold you in heaven, happy birthday.

Solveig Zarah Keshavjee

The Great Gig in The Sky

Solveig Zarah Keshavjee
Solveig Zarah Keshavjee

All the shows in loving memory of Solveig were COMPLETELY SOLD OUT! Partial proceeds from every event went to various foundations across the province. The special presentation the band did will be online soon with a link to https://www.ottawacancer.ca/

Solveig will always be in my heart, my thoughts and my love is endless…we all love you and miss you…I love you always…

In loving memory…

Solveig Zarah Keshavjee and Azim's Guitar.
Solveig Zarah Keshavjee singing, her hand gently placed close to Azim’s guitar.

The Great Gig in the Sky Tour 2020 (In loving memory of Solveig Zarah Keshavjee)

In loving memory of my beautiful wife Solveig Zarah Keshavjee – a very special live concert series, see links for details or http://www.comfortablynumblive.com

Comfortably Numb – The Great Gig In The Sky Tour

Password protected presale starting Mon July 8th at 12noon. Presale will end when tickets go on sale to everyone Thurs July 11th at 12noon.


In loving memory of Solveig Zarah Keshavjee
The Great Gig in the Sky Tour 2020

The Red Strat, ‘Solveig’s guitar’.

For those that know our band ‘Comfortably Numb’ well, know that I have always used a RED FENDER STRATOCASTOR since the beginning – what is not known is the story behind the guitar and the gift it is and continues to be for me…here is the full story.

In our early days together in the 90’s, Solveig and I would talk until late into the night, we would tell each other everything, we would discuss our past, we would discuss our dreams, desires, aspirations and more, this never changed over 26 years, we always talked about everything and listened to each other intently and with mutual love and respect.

On one of those beautiful nights back in early ’95, I told Solveig about a silly recurring dream I would have about my ‘dream guitar’. At the time I had a decent enough guitar but my ideal guitar was the Fender Stratocaster – specifically a red one like David Gilmour’s (Pink Floyd) from the ‘Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour’ with EMG pickups and special electronics – in the dream I would see that very same red US Fender Stratocaster floating at the end of my bed and it was angelic in the way it shimmered and held there floating and simply looking magical…then I would wake up and…no guitar!

On my birthday in 1995, Solveig asked my parents (I was living at home at the time), if she could sneak into my room (which was on the lower level of our home) while I slept…and what did she do? Solveig bought me for my birthday a USA Red Stratocaster with a gorgeous rosewood neck, EMG Pickups, SPC/EXG electronics and placed it on a guitar stand at the foot of my bed, and then waited upstairs for me to wake up. When I got up I saw the guitar and thought I was dreaming again…I laid back down and then realized it wasn’t a dream and just stared at it in disbelief for almost 45 minutes! Solveig was wandering what was happening 🙂 I finally picked it up and couldn’t believe how spoiled and lucky I was, simply in shock..I ran upstairs saw Solveig, and knew it was her from the beautiful smile on her face! I gave her the biggest hug and was so immensely grateful but more so how blessed I was to have Solveig in my life – not because of the guitar, but because of the amount of love, kindness, huge heart and generosity that was given by Solveig every single day..that NEVER changed ever – I felt and feel blessed daily because of Solveig. I told her that the guitar was too much, but she insisted and said it was for OUR musical future and that she wanted me to use it at all our shows and to be the best I could be – OUR red strat has been at EVERY SINGLE show, Comfortably Numb and all the others, literally thousands of shows, that we have played since 1995. Every time I have played it, whether it is now or then, I always remember that moment when I first saw the guitar and how lucky I am that Solveig chose me to love and how many beautiful moments we have shared throughout our life together.

The red strat has NEVER been touched OR played by anyone but me – not even held, aside from Solveig, and only serviced by one person, the same person who has serviced it since ’95 in Ottawa – he setup the guitar and at the time only David Gilmour and Vince Gill had this setup…and then me in Ottawa! You can get this type of setup now…but mine is original and hand built to spec.

I have been fortunate to have acquired other Stratocasters and other guitars over the years, a number of them given to me by Solveig too…yes I know….I know trust me…they are ALL special, but the ‘Red Stratocaster’ will always be THE most special of them all. So there you have it, the story of the ‘Red Strat’…Solveig’s Red Strat!


In loving memory of Solveig Z. Keshavjee
Comfortably Numb WILL BE BACK with a brand new show! NOT TO BE MISSED! Tickets on sale soon!

Echoes - Solveig Keshavjee live with Comfortably Numb
‘Echoes’ – Solveig live with Comfortably Numb
‘In loving memory’

A message from Chris Houle, drummer and a member of the Comfortably Numb Family

A message from Chris Houle, drummer and a member of the Comfortably Numb Family.