Happy Birthday Solveig!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Solveig!
A picture of us at one of many, many birthday celebrations through the years. Solveig absolutely loved celebrating birthdays and holidays and showed so much love and kindness – she made celebrations even more special – Solveig just knew what was perfect every time. Her smile just melts my heart every single time and always has, and will.

Today would be my beautiful wife Solveig Keshavjee’s birthday…Happy Birthday to my sweet, beloved Solveig, you are never forgotten…ever! ❤️ We love you so much!

Solveig always loved celebrating birthdays and lived life to its fullest. Our family gatherings were simply amazing and will be continued just as she had done and would want for us.

Today is also the day where we laid to rest our daughter 19 years ago…she is now with her Mum and smiling at us, and shining light from above.

I cannot begin to explain how hard it has been without my Solveig, only the love of a soulmate and our children can understand this, the pain is immense, my heart aches and I miss her more than I can ever express, every day is a challenge…every moment is a challenge, but I am so appreciative and so immensely grateful for all the love and support that my daughters and I have received from family, friends, colleagues, and from so many people around the world. I invite you to visit the rest of this blog, and all the links that I am doing, that will be updating all the time, which shows the incredible life that Solveig and I were so blessed to have. There are links and a private gallery of family/friends videos, pictures, music/video we did live and in the studio, demos, and much more (please private message for login).

I know someday without a doubt that I shall be reunited with my beautiful Solveig again, our story and journey doesn’t end here as true love never ever dies…love is eternal.