Solveig Keshavjee’s music journey

Solveig Zarah Keshavjee creating magic in our studio!
Solveig Keshavjee creating magic in our studio!

Solveig’s vocal range and power simply were unmatched! From when we started as of ’93 working together, her vocals became strongest they had ever been – musically and lyrically from then on she was unmatched!

Coming shortly will be Solveig’s music journey which will feature her professional work from her leaving her ‘Solveig-Angelique’ days and forging a powerful new journey over the past 26 years (1993 to 2018) from in the studio, on stage and all the voluntary and humanitarian work she had done!

Please visit the rest of this online memorial in memory of my beautiful wife and mother of our daughters, Solveig Keshavjee…(Solveig Zarah Keshavjee) taken much too soon, always loved, and never forgotten. Now in God’s hands, her light continues to shine and will always shine brightly. True love never ends because that love is eternal